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Ruaa Al-Ward, Celeste Zsembery, and Mouhammed Amir Habra

Introduction Adrenocortical carcinoma (ACC) is a rare aggressive malignant tumor with a poor prognosis despite its well-known heterogeneous behavior. It was first described in a case series by Ramsay (1899) . Despite the improvements in

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Nadia Gagnon, Sophie Bernard, Martine Paquette, Catherine Alguire, André Lacroix, Pierre-Olivier Hétu, Harold J Olney, and Isabelle Bourdeau

Introduction Adrenocortical carcinoma (ACC) has an incidence of approximately 1–2 per million population per year ( Bourdeau et al. 2013 ). Staging at presentation remains one of the key prognostic factors with an expected 5-year survival of

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Eleanor Fewings, Serena Khoo Sert Kim, Alexey Larionov, Alison Marker, Olivier Giger, Ashley Shaw, Graeme R Clark, Vasilis Kosmoliaptsis, Benjamin G Challis, Marc Tischkowitz, and Ruth T Casey

determining positive clinical outcomes for ACC and malignant OANs. Achieving R0 resection in adrenocortical carcinoma compared to R1 resection improved 5-year overall survival rates (64.8% vs 33.8%, P < 0.001) and 5-year recurrence-free survival rates (30

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Nada Younes, Isabelle Bourdeau, Harold Olney, Paul Perrotte, Odile Prosmanne, Mathieu Latour, David Roberge, and André Lacroix

, each wrote parts of the final manuscript. All authors read and approved the final manuscript. References Amodru V Garcia ME Libe R Brue T Reznik Y Castinetti F 2021 Medical management of adrenocortical carcinoma: current

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Donatella Treppiedi, Rosa Catalano, Federica Mangili, Giovanna Mantovani, and Erika Peverelli

tumors (Pan-NETs), pulmonary neuroendocrine tumors (P-NETs) and adrenocortical carcinomas (ACC). FLNA: structure and function FLNA is a ubiquitously expressed homodimeric actin-binding protein of 280 kDa encoded by a gene located on chromosome X

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Syed Ehsanullah and Nikolaos A Trikalinos

1), bronchial NETs ( Pelosi et al. 2010 ) (RASSF1A), as well as Merkel cell carcinomas ( Lassacher et al. 2008 ) (RASSF1A). Adrenocortical cancers are generally hypomethylated but there is literature in hypermethylation of CDKN2A and GATA4